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Here is a list of links to access the world of Sephardic Piyutim

1. Reading of the Parasha with Morrocan tune can be found here.

2.This site contains a huge collection of piyutim from many different countries and composers. The website also contains background information and commentary about each of the piyutim.

3. A movie about the great Paytan,  Ribi David Bouzaglo. (Scroll to 41 minutes),7340,L-11558-114956,00.html - 

4. Chazzan Chaim Louk performing ישמח משה + אשורר שירה

5. A fascinating essay on "Jazz, Piyut, and Jewish Identity" by Aryeh Tepper

6. Darkei Aboteinu on Youtube







7. The Sephardic Hazzanut Project -


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