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Kiddush Schedule

06/10/2017 Shabbat Beha'alotcha,Jun 10 Open Register Now
06/17/2017 Shabbat Sh'lach,Jun 17 Booked
06/24/2017 Shabbat Korach,Jun 24 Open Register Now
07/01/2017 Shabbat Chukat,Jul 1 Open Register Now
07/08/2017 Shabbat Balak,Jul 8 Open Register Now
07/15/2017 Shabbat Pinchas,Jul 15 Open Register Now
07/22/2017 Shabbat Matot-Masei,Jul 22 Open Register Now
07/29/2017 Shabbat Devarim,Jul 29 Open Register Now
08/05/2017 Shabbat Vaetchanan,Aug 5 Open Register Now
08/12/2017 Shabbat Eikev,Aug 12 Open Register Now
08/19/2017 Shabbat Re'eh,Aug 19 Open Register Now
08/26/2017 Shabbat Shoftim,Aug 26 Open Register Now


Hesed Opportunity

Join a wonderful team of volunteers to provide Bikur Cholim visits for homebound seniors, to alleviate their loneliness , and extend healing support ! On Shabbath afternoons, we meet at the Westmont apartment building (730 Columbus Ave. at W. 96th St.) at 4:00 PM (time changes according to Shabbath). The 'Bikur In The Home' Group also runs during the week to provide home and telephone visits, errands and escorting. For more information and meeting times contact 

Wed, July 15 2020 23 Tammuz 5780