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Pessah 5779

This year again, WSSS will join forces with the Chevrat Pinto to ensure Minyan.

Schedule of prayers for Pessah 5779:

Friday April, 19th - Erev Pessah:
7pm at WSSS: Minha followed by Arvit with full Hallel
(Kiddush not before 8:22pm)

Shabbat, Saturday, April 20th - Pessah I:

9:15am at Chevrat Pinto: Shaharit followed by Kriat Hatorah & Mussaf

7:15pm at WSSS: Minha with Sefer Torah
Shiah at 7:40pm
8pm at WSSS: Arvit with full Hallel
Omer from 8:24pm

Sunday, April 21st - Pessah II:
9:15am at Chevrat Pinto: Shaharit followed by Kriat Hatorah and Mussaf
7:15pm at WSSS: Minha followed by Arvit
Omer at end of arvit, no time constraints

Chevrat Pinto is located on 207 West 78th Street
WSSS is located on 270 West 84th Street, 3rd floor

Today's Sefirah Count Is 1

היום יום אחד לעמר

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: 8:24p

Friday Night

Candle Lighting
: 7:28p
: 7:30p

Shabbat Day

: 9:15a
: 7:00p
: 8:30p

Candle Lighting

Thursday, Apr 25, 7:27p


Sunday, Apr 21, 8:24p


Sunday, Apr 21
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Sun, April 21 2019 16 Nisan 5779