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Pesah @WSSS

This Page will help you navigate everything you need to know about Pesach @ WSSS. It contains the following content:

  1. WSSS Hametz Sale Form
  2. Pesach Food Preparation
  3. FAQ's about Hilchot Pesach
  4. How To Run a Pesach Seder - Educational Material/Divrei Torah

#1 - WSSS Hametz Sale Form

The Sale of Chametz form are available here:

Please fill out one of these form and send it back to Rabbi Sherman at

If it's easier for you, KJ and OZ offer online forms to sell the Chametz:

If you would like to donate for the Ma'ot Chitim fund, please click here.

More links:
"How To" Pesach Guide here

#2 - FAQ's about Hilchot Pesah

May I use a flashlight to Perform Bedikat Hametz

Hacham Ovadia rules that one may use a flashlight for Bedikat Hametz. 

Do Women need to keep Taanit Bechorot (The fast of the firstborn)?

The Shulhan Aruch 470:1 says they do. However, most Moroccan women as well as Ashkenazim have the custom not to fast. 

May I use my glassware on Pesah or does it need to be koshered?

Sephardim, unlike Ashkenazim, use glassware from the rest of the year on Pesah. Glassware does not absorb and merely requires washing to be kosher for Pesah. Duralex, Pyrex, Corningware, Corelle and colored glass. [Shulchan Aruch 551:26]

What Medications  are Kosher for Pesah

  1. Non-Chewable Pills - Hacham Ovadia rules that one does not need to be concerned that there Hametz ingredients exist in the medication
  2. Chewable tablets, medical syrups, nutritional supplements, vitamins powders or any other medicines or vitamins with pleasant flavor, and/or drinkable must bear a "kosher for Pesah" certification, or one should make sure that they do not contain any Hametz ingredients.
  3. Non-Chewable Vitamins -  there is a debate amongst Poskim (Rav Eliyahu Ben Chaim for example rules stringently) whether one requires a "Kosher for Pesah" certification. 


Do I need Kosher for Passover Toiletries? 

One does not need to be concerned about Hametz products in Cosmetics, glues, shampoo, deodorants, soaps, detergents and other cleaning products. These are inedible products and they do not require Kosher supervision (Yalkut Yosef).

Should Women Count Sefirat Haomer? 

Yes! We start counting sefirat ha-omer on the second night of the hag. Women are encouraged to partake in this mitzvah as well [Magen Avraham quoted in Mishna Berura 459:3]. Ashkenazi women make a bracha when they count (Aruch HaShulchan 489:4). Sephardic women do not. 

Can Ashkenazim eat at the home of a Sephardic Jew who eats Kitniyot?

While Ashkenazim may not eat kitniyot, they may eat from the dishes that were used to cook kitniyot over the chag. 

How do Sepharadim Organize the Seder Plate? 

Jews of Moroccan and Sephardic descent follow the custom of the Ari"ZL

If I am leaving my home for Pessah, when should I perform Bedikat Hametz?

  1. If you will be leaving your home before Erev Pesah (i.e. thurs night), you must perform Bedikat Chametz the evening before (or the night before you leave) without reciting a bracha [you also do not need to put out 10 pieces of bread].

  2. If you plan to rent out your apartment or rent someone else's apartment, then technically, the person renting your apartment “rents” your food as well. Therefore, if you hand over the keys before Erev Pesah, then the renter must do bedika. If you hand over the keys after Erev Pesah starts, then you must perform bedikat chametz because the obligation already falls upon you.
  3. You must also do bedika in the place you will be staying throughout Pesah.
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