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Our New Makom

We are honored and excited to launch the construction of our new Makom.  This page will provide ongoing updates on the progress of the construction and serve as a gateway to receive comments and concerns.

Update of 7/15/2021

Renovations have officially started ! 




Update of 11/13/2020

Update of 11/13/2020

We are working with WSIS on revising our architectural plans for the transfer of their Yahrtseit plates from the Beit Mikdash to another permanent place in the synagogue.  Those plates reflect decades of WSIS' history and its founders.  We are proceeding deliberately to move forward in a way that honors the history and spirit of the building and at the same time build a Makom Tefilah that reflects our vision.

To see our vision, click here. 

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Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784